UV water sterilizer Tehnofan 6 GPM

UV water sterilizer Tehnofan 6 GPM

UV water sterilizer 6 GPM for flows from 1.4 to 1.7 m3 / h. Removes all microorganisms without the addition of chemicals. Stainless steel housing and quality quartz tube.
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UV water sterilizer 6 GPM

Do not believe unrealistic data on the capacity of UV sterilizers - microbiological integrity is provided only by the irradiation dose of the UV sterilizer = the power of the UV lamp divided by the water flow, which must be at least 20,000 µWs / cm2 for home and 40,000µWs / cm2 in the food industry.


UV water sterilizer is intended for sterilization of microbiologically problematic water (own catchments, drip, poorly maintained water supply), for the needs of drinking and food preparation. Due to its small dimensions, it can be mounted in confined spaces.

  • 6 GPM UV Sterilizer Specifications:
  • Power: 32W
  • Maximum flow: 1,700 L / h (RO water), 1,400 L / h (10 micron pre-filter)
  • Connection: 1/2
  • Length: 680mm
  • Max. Pressure: 8 bar
  • Material: Stainless steel (stainless steel) SS304
  • Lamp life: 9,000 hours
  • Automation: LED / alarm
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