Tehnofan d.o.o. was founded in 1990 and since then has been dealing with the problems of drinking water, filtration in households, businesses and industry. The company goal is to provide users with "The cleanest source of drinking water in their home". Expertise supported by a diploma from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana for "Preparation of drinking water for small systems", own laboratory, only the highest quality materials and devices, professional execution and care for the user in maintaining devices and each water filter are company’s qualities.


Tehnofan’s focus is solving water problems in a natural, harmless way, however company also has all the knowledge and options for solving problems such as: hard water - limescale, chemical and microbiological pollution of water, drip, legionella in water, nitrates, iron, atrazine, pesticides, etc. in water.


In 2020, Tehnofan introduced a new branch of disinfection products (premium products, disinfection devices with UV light - sterilization ...).

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