Water filter Polar PDF21 limescale neutralizer

Water filter Polar PDF21 limescale neutralizer

Cleaning and softening device with permanent, variable magnet and rotating head (by-pass) for installation for a water meter. Connection 3/4, filter 50 mcr.
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The passage (also of calcium and magnesium salts or "limescale") through certain magnetic fields with a high density causes a change in the surface charge (zeta potential) between the surface of the crystal and the boundary layer of the liquid. As a result, the carbonates do not turn into an undesirable calcite crystalline form, but into an aragonite and vaterite crystalline form, which is more soluble in water, less aggressive and adheres less to the walls of fixtures, radiators and other devices.


Polar PDF21 water filter technology
Synergistic, 4 x effect - stainless steel filter mechanically filters, special magnet and zinc anodes neutralize the removed limescale, protects the installation from corrosion (passivation of the inner walls of the pipe), also repairs previous corrosion and limescale, magnetic trap removes all magnetically attractive particles.


Why choose Polar for water softening - the reasons

Water treatment is determined by recommendations, guidelines and legally prescribed measures that limit the use of chemical agents for water treatment. After treatment with Polar, the water remains natural - chemically unchanged. Polar devices have (probably the only ones in the multitude of different products) a certificate of suitability for use also for drinking water. After a few weeks of operation, the existing limescale deposits are first partially removed from the plumbing, and then a protective metal layer (magnetite) is created. This reduces the formation of corrosion, biofilm (99% of all bacteria are in the biofilm), algae ... and increases the microbiological stability of water.


Polar-treated water is returned to the environment unchanged. With other methods of water softening - polyphosphate dosing, water ion exchange water softening - we chemically change the water and return it back to the environment loaded with more or less harmful substances.



  • The service life of the plumbing and all connected devices is extended.
  • The water remains chemically unchanged and does not cause corrosion and damage to fixtures or appliances.
  • Significant more 10% energy savings (uncoated heaters, clean transition pipes)
  • Extremely long product life (20 years warranty for the magnetic part) !!!
  • No operating costs (excluding cleaning and possible anode replacement).
  • Less cleaning and less consumption of detergents (powders, softeners, gels, polishes 

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