46/5000 Water ionizer AMS4100S-flex Tehnofan-Alkamedi

46/5000 Water ionizer AMS4100S-flex Tehnofan-Alkamedi

Professional medical water ionizer with self-cleaning, uniformity control, LCD screen, flex faucet ... The only ionizer with separate electrical and water part.
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LIVE WATER and its significance for our body

Water ionizer ALKAMEDI AMS 4100S - the most for the money invested


  • two-stage pull-out and rotatable alkaline ionized water outlet lever,
  • more advanced design of the drain lever than the classic flexible metal drain pipe,
  • the drain lever can be folded into the housing of the water ionizer,
  • adjustable length of the discharge lever,
  • outlet lever rotating 360 degrees.

Advanced patented titanium platinum electrode self-cleaning system

The advanced patented titanium-platinum electrode self-cleaning system ensures a constant value of the set pH and ORP. The system works in such a way that after each tapping and in the case of tapping a large amount of alkaline ionized water in the background, the user imperceptibly performs self-cleaning of the electrodes by changing the polarity and changing the flow direction on the multi-way valve. Thus, alkaline ionized water of a selected pH level always flows on the discharge pipe. The patented titanium platinum electrode self-cleaning system provides the best conditions for water ionization.


Multicolor LCD display

  • the color of the LCD display is characteristic of each selected pH level,
  • seven different colors specific to each pH level,
  • easy selection of the pH level, which is maintained even after switching off and on the appliance again,
  • in standby mode, the LCD dims in the selected color.


Light button operation

  • easy selection of pH level with gentle push of a button,
  • speech guidance when choosing the pH level,
  • audio and voice communication of information on the current operation of the device


Water flow adjustment valve

  • the device has a built-in quality ceramic valve for adjusting the water flow,
  • the water flow is arbitrarily set with the valve.


LCD functions
The LCD screen of the display shows information about the operation of the device (filter life, recognition of the originality of the filter, display of faults, audio and voice messaging, display of the operation of the device and selected pH levels, temperature, water flow).


Filter with built-in chip

  • recognition of the originality of the filter cartridge is performed using a chip built into the filter,
  • the chip stores data on the wear of the filter cartridge,
  • the use of the original filter cartridge prevents malfunctions,


Holder for installing the acid ionized water outlet pipe

  • the holder allows easy installation of the acid water drain pipe anywhere on the sink,
  • the stability of the discharge pipe is ensured, thus preventing the discharge pipe from coming into contact with food residues,
  • the free-flowing drain hose can be removed from the holder.
  • the use of the original filter cartridge is a condition for the ionization of water,
  • easy filter cartridge replacement.


Self-diagnostic system

  • automatic interruption of ionization in case of insufficient water pressure,
  • automatic ionization interruption in case of too hot water,
  • recognizing the originality of the filter cartridge,
  • display of warning icons on the LCD display in case of disturbances or sensor detection of irregularities.


Audio-speech functions

  • speech guidance according to the selected pH level,
  • playing a melody when acidic ionized water is flowing that is not intended for drinking.

Platinum & titanium electrodes and special membranes

The ionization cell consists of 5 platinum - titanium (Pt-Ti) electrodes, among which are 4 special membranes.

Automatic device dehumidification function

Upon completion of the ionization process, residual water drains from the device, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the device.

Continuous ionization of water

continuous ionization of water provides sufficient amounts of alkaline ionized or acidic ionized water,
the replacement of the polarity of the ionization electrodes and the current of the ionized water change automatically during the operation of the device, thus preventing the formation of limescale even in the case of longer continuous discharges of ionized water.


Voltage adjustment function on the ionization cell

  • allows adjustment of pH or ORP for each selected pH level,
  • allows the voltage to rise on the ionization cell in the case of ionization of very hard water.


Water saving

When filling only filtered water, the filtered water flows only on the outlet lever / pipe for alkaline ionized water.


Easy to use - the previous way

The system pre-mode allows the device to produce the alkaline ionized water pH level that was last selected.


Warranty -1 year warranty for the device and 2 years for the ionization cell!

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