Undercounter water filter MAF
Undercounter water filter MAF
Undercounter water filter MAF
Undercounter water filter MAF

Undercounter water filter MAF

The only undercounter MICROBIOLOGICAL filter that allows flows of up to 10 LITERS / MINUTE, which means you DON'T NEED AN ADDITIONAL FAUCET.
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189,00 €

Undercounter filter with microbiologically effective combined filter cartridge, the only filter that meets the strictest ASTM 838 CE medical protocol (* tested abroad and in Slovenia)!


  • activated carbon,
  • sediment, ultra filtration up to 0.01 mcr.,
  • capacity 6,000 L or 1 year at a flow rate of up to 10 L / minute!
  • absolute 0.1mcr filtration of bacteria up to Log 7.

Filter composition:
Mechanical multilayer filter with a volume filtration of 5 to 1 micron, threads of activated carbon, which have a 100x higher capacity than activated carbon in granulate or block carbon, and 0.01-0.1 microns HF / MAF hollow fiber membrane, which effectively removes BACTERIA from water.


MAF water filter removes particles (sand, rust, mud, sand ...), chlorine, chlorine compounds, THM, nitrates, pesticides, atrazine ... and BACTERIA.


The MAF-10 undercounter filter is the only filter on the market that has all the tests and certificates of the NSF, Water Quality Association, the strictest ASTM 838 CE medical protocol and also the efficiency test of the Maribor Health Care Institute.


The only microbiological filter on the market with a flow rate of up to 10L / minute, which means you don’t need an extra faucet for filtered water, but this water filter can be mounted directly on your existing faucet. For water filters that have lower flows than. e.g. 1.5L / min, 2.5L / min or 4L / min, this reduced flow is so annoying in everyday use that it is necessary to install an additional faucet on the kitchen counter.

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